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The first pickup enhancer that remodels your pickup without changing anything on your guitar.

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• Two year warranty
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• Power supply is not included. Exchanger pedal uses standard 9V DC center negative power supply or 9V battery, current draw 15mAh
• Size (L x l x h) 120 x 85 x 33 mm / 4.72 x 3.34 x 1.3 in

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Product Highlights

The Vintage Single Coil

Bright Vintage

Glassy, classic sparkling highs with some high-end sizzle
The Versatile Humbucker

Wide Range

Thick, harmonically rich, well balanced, powerful and appealing high end
The Famous and Punchy P90


Thick, slightly gritty with serious midrange presence, reasonable high end response
The Classic Humbucker

Classic 50th

Bold, warm, round, creamy and smooth
Discover the EXchanger, the pedal that remodels your pickups by turning them into others

Our patented analogic technology brings the ability to change your pickup tone just in seconds. Without changing anything on your guitar, you can transform your single coil into a P90, a humbucker or any other single coil. Of course, you can also transform your humbucker. If you have already found your perfect pickup, enjoy the possibility to multiply its tonal characteristics.

By enhancing them to get a well-defined and dynamic response, it’s like virtually rewiring them

Our process increases the dynamic response of a pickup by eliminating its signal chain losses caused by cables, potentiometers and mostly eddy currents induced in pickups materials. If you think your pickup needs to be changed (and that’s often the case on several guitars), think again, because it’s not the only solution. Try a simpler way with EXchanger and be sure to discover your guitar again.

The Classic Single Coil

Hot Texas

Clean, twangy, cutting, bell-like in the bridge, throaty and round in the neck
The Powerfull Humbucker

Modern Power

High output and aggressive humbucker with enhanced attack and low midrange presence
The Special Hollow Body Humbucker


Bright, recessed mids and firm lows
The Piezo Special


Well defined, recessed low mid with present low end, bright with sparkling highs

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Olivier Aubry
Exchanger Keyztone

Très bonne pédale, permet de mettre en valeur la sonorité des micros, les bonifier. Egalement de pouvoir modifier le son d'un micro tout en gardant son identité, simple double, double simple etc...
Je recommande vivement avant de changer la configuration micro.

Koltin Heuser
Very cool piece of technology

This thing is incredible, I love working with it and changing my sound completely. It sounds very accurate and very nice to the pickups it changes to.

Antonino Bucceri
Nice Pedal

I use the Keyztone Exchanger since 2021 and I love it since the first day. Especially for live sessions I don‘t need more than one guitar anymore. This pedal turns a single coil guitar in a humbucker guitar an vice versa. It doesn‘t matter which song you want to play, the Keyztone Exchanger can do it independently from the guitar. I can just recommend it.


Pour ma part, j’utilisais deux guitares type Fender et Gibson pour jouer mes compos, ce qui me posait des problèmes d'organisation sur scène.
Maintenant je joue qu’avec la Fender, j’ai mis la pédale EXchanger, dans ma boucle « solo" avec la simulation des P90 et ça marche super !
Très bonne pédale polyvalente…

claude cazalot
Excellent, apporte du gain et de la finesse de son,

Je l'utilise pour apporter soit un peu de gain supplémentaire (par exemple pour un chorus) et surtout pour rajouter finesse et grain suivant la guitare.
J'utilise principalement avec Fender la position Hot Texas, et avec Gibson la position Pgo soap bar : et c'est parfait, rajoutat juste le petit détail qui fait le grand son. Je précise que les guitares en question sont pourtant déjà des custom shop ! Et quand la guitare est moins bonne, là ça corrige et grandit le son.
Bravo !!

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