How It works ? Look here.

The EXchanger main goal is to create new pickup tones from any pickup source. It has been designed to decorrelate the EXchanger output from the input pickup response. So it doesn’t matter what your pickup configuration at the input is (type and quality of pickup, cable length, potentiometers).

It’s this paradigm that makes the EXchanger unique

Whatever the pickup configuration you plug at the input, the EXchanger will make it transparent

Let’s visualize it

EXchanger HowItWorks

What’s the matter with guitar pickups ?

A pickup tone can be really different from setup to setup. It depends on the pickup itself, of course, but also on the cable (quality and length) and the loads (volume and tone potentiometers) «plugged» into it. Eddy current losses have a massive impact on pickup personality too, especially on low quality pickups. Each of these electronic elements affect the final tone and often change it drastically. Depending how those effects are cumulated, the result can still be satisfying but somehow tasteless with a lot of frequencies missing

The EXchanger corrects those limiting effects on your pickup with all frequencies well combined resulting in harmoniously balanced tones

Through this process, we succeed in…

… increasing the dynamic
…balancing strings ouput level
…improving pickups personnality
…balancing pickup intermediate positions
…rendering organic analog tones

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