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Is the EXchanger digital or analog ?

The pedal is fully analog.

Where do I need to put the EXchanger ?

The pedal has to be plugged before any electronic devices. It comes just after the guitar (and cable) for a direct access to the pickup coil.

Does the quality of the pickups matter ?

The pedal renders the pickup transparent at the input, so it doesn’t matter what quality of pickups you use.  By the way, the Keyztone EXchanger usefulness is remarkable with low quality pickups by giving them much more personality.

Does the pedal work with active pickups ?

Yes it works with active pickups but the result will be a bit different from a passive pickup. As there is an electronic part between the pickup and the EXchanger, the pedal doesn’t have a direct access to the coil and can’t fully correct the input pickup. You will keep a part of the active pickup tone in the final result.

Does it work with wireless system ?

Yes, it’s exactly the same as active pickups.

What’s the difference with a classic EQ ?

There are four main differences with a classic analog EQ :

  1. The EXchanger takes into account the pickup at the input. This is a real difference with a standard EQ that doesn’t manage the input pickup.
  2. The amplified bandwidth (Q factor) perfectly matches with pickup coil resonance.
  3. The EXchanger manages linear curves for high and low pass filters and matches them with pickup coil resonance.
  4. The EXchanger takes into consideration the noise aspect at this critical position with low noise electronic structures and ultra-low noise components.
Does the EXchanger simulate guitar tones ?

No, the Keyztone EXchanger has not been designed to emulate any specific guitar model. Each guitar has its own personality that is treated with respect. Our goal is to emphasize and to enhance the original guitar character.

Can I improve a guitar with low quality pickups ?

Yes, that‘s the enhancer function. It won’t change your guitar mechanical defaults but the EXchanger will make it fun to play for sure.

Does it change the intermediate position ?

The EXchanger will balance all pickup positions on your guitar. Intermediate positions will have more power and dynamic and it makes them really enjoyable.

Does it remove Hum ?

No, the pedal won’t remove hum. It won’t add hum either.

How can it help me to remove Hum for single coil tones ?

You can use a humbucker pickup with “Hot Texas” or Bright Vintage” preset. You can also use noiseless pickup and get a truer single coil sound.

Do you manage mechanical difference between single coil and humbucker ?

No, we only change the coil response frequency of the pickup.

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